Address: 097-0022 北海道稚内市中央2-9-5 / 2-9-5, Cyuou, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

A 5 minute walk from JR Station. Also, just 15 minutes from the Ferry Terminal. It is very convenient if you want to visit Rishiri/Rebun Island!



Dormitory Style Rooms: Mixed Rooms and Women Only Rooms available

Dormitory Rooms have 3 bunk beds to accommodate 6 persons.

Private tatami room

The Tatami Room can accommodate 4 persons maximum. But when the futon bedding is laid down, it will be a tight fit. It would be more comfortable for 3 people.

Private Room (1 bunk bed)

private room for 2 person.



Dormitory Rooms: Mixed Room per person 3800yen
Dormitory Rooms:: Women Only Room per person 3800yen
Private Tatami Room: 3-4 persons 15,000yen / room
Private Room: 2 persons 8,000yen / room



* Washing machine (200yen / 1 load)
* Dryer (100yen / 20 min)
* Hot tub and shower
* Free Coffee
* Electric kettle for hot water

Shared Space

We have 3 common rooms for everyone’s use.

1. Dining room.(1F)

You can eat, drink and relax at this room.

2. Open space.(2F)

Its small but very comfortable space. Good for relaxing, reading or planning your journey! 🙂

3. Kotatsu and Manga room (2F)

Do you know what a “kotasu” is? It’s a heated table and is very popular in Japan. You will be surprised at how comfortable it is (in summer, we don’t have kotatsu).

Also we have a lot of mangas(comic books).

Do you know “kotasu”?. Its heated table, very popular in Japan. You would be surprised how comfortable this is!:)

Also we have a lot of manga (comic books).

Luggage Storage

[Before check in]

Free. But make sure to let us know in advance if you are coming before 10am.

[After check out]

Free, if you are leaving the luggage on the day you check out.

If you want to leave your luggage over night after you check out, we charge ¥300 per night/luggage.
But if you are staying at our guest house again when you take your luggage, we will keep your luggage for free.

ex) If you check out July 1, and check in again at July 3, we will keep your luggage for free between July 1 to 3.

Let us know if you have any questions.

### Cancelling Policy

Cancelling fee is followings; (Counting from check-in date)

7 days before check-in:50% of total price
3 days before check-in: 70% of total price
on the day of check-in: 100% of total price


We will OPEN for business from July 1st, 2019
You can book NOW online:

Booking from online

Or you can book your room by telephone.

Just call: +81-162-73-0270