共有の設備 | Shared Areas

1Fダイニングホール | 1F Dining Hall


  • 電子レンジ
  • 湯沸かし器
  • お茶/コーヒー (インスタントコーヒーの他に無料でハンドドリップコーヒーを淹れられるコーナーを設けています。ご自由にどうぞ!)
    Please use..

  • Microwave
  • Hot water
  • Tea/Coffee    *We have a free drip coffee service. Please help yourself.

1Fキッチン | 1F Kitchen

Basically we do not rent our kitchen, which is designed for a business use, at the moment however taking it into consideration. Please talk to us for a light use.

2F漫画スペース | 2F Manga Space

Here you can relax with all old fashioned comics which the previous youth hostel owner had collected. *Chatting is not recommended here because it locates near the bedrooms.

2F3F洗面所 | 2F3F Sinks

You have three shared sinks, a washing machine and a dryer each floor. There also are a few hair dryers.

2F3Fトイレ | 2F3F Toilet

There are two toilets each floor.

One of the toilet stalls on the 2nd Floor has a toilet for men.

2F3Fシャワーと風呂 | 2F3F Shower and a bathtub

There is a bathroom each floor. Our bathrooms are in traditional Japanese style. It has three shower heads in a bathroom where also has a hot bathtub to share.

荷物お預かり | Storage Rack

You can store your luggage for free on your check-in day and check-out day. We however charge ¥300 per luggage per night if you are staying somewhere else. Any loss is at your own risk.